Committed to the future

While treasuring our unique craftsmanship, our aim is to evoke emotions through a singular design – a blend of innovation, precious materials and fabrics which offer functionality and elegance, always off the beaten path.

Comfort in travel

For Ogier, traveling is a life philosophy. A philosophy that we find in the collections, created to travel and live fully. Ogier advocates the love for beautiful things, but specially those that are experienced, more than possessed. Traveling brings emotions that last through time and leaves its mark in our memories. The products are created in this likeness: timeless and resistant. They are partners of travel, eternal. The outfits are never a constraint, but an impulsion towards new horizons. The cuts are well adjusted and the materials of high quality offer comfort and freedom of movement.

Family owned since 1948

Ogier is a French family owned fashion house devoted to creativity and high performance. Since 1948, Ogier has successfully maintained its family spirit and has affirmed its difference through a constant quest for excellence.

Ogier - Courchevel by night


Positioned at the top of the shield, it is the starting point of Ogier. It is the passion of a family for the mountains and its sports, the spark at the origin of a great House.


As a majestic animal, it is the symbol of strength and prestige. It is all about the spirit of conquest, of discovery and travel.


Animal from the Alps, it represents instinct and excelling oneself, key values that have allowed Maurice Ogier to write the first lines of the House history in 1948.


Born in the heart of the Alps Mountains, the Ogier collections are inspired year after year by the eternal beauty of the summits. The desire to protect nature is inherently linked to the brand’s DNA. This is the reason why Ogier imagines its collections with a respect for the environment.


Thanks to their aesthetics, the products become essentials as well as timeless pieces. Because of the super-resistant materials, they do not alter over the years and remain intact after intensive sport practices.


Convinced that overconsumption is closely linked to overproduction, Ogier is engaged to only produce limited volumes, a those indispensable for sales. Involved in Waste Management, the production is calculated and adapted to the needs of the brand. Some products, like accessories, are produced from secondary raw materials to avoid waste. Aware of the environmental stakes of today and tomorrow, Ogier is proceeding to a sustainable transition. With the desire to evolve in perfect harmony with nature, the brand’s aim is to have the lowest environmental impact


Within the context of a unique customer experience, Ogier conceives its stores as the most luxurious settings. The authentic style is faithful to the mountain chalets with a contemporary decoration. The materials are natural and warm, like wood and wool which are combined with the transparence and the purity of glass. Each material is preciously chosen according to its authenticity and quality. Wood, whether old or modern, is used for the walls as well as the furniture. Wool and leather cover the seats and offer optimal comfort. The floor is covered by white marble or beige carpets. Finally, the glass and mirrors create an illusion of perspective. The Ogier lounges, present in every store, provide a restful interlude, ideal for exchange between enthusiasts.